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Sissy Gets Pimped Annie DuBois

Sissy Gets Pimped

Annie DuBois

Published March 27th 2012
Kindle Edition
13 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Out at a local farmers market, 19 year old Alex Karina meets an older man named Frank. Frank is rich, smart, and handsome, but also a sadistic kinkster at heart.After a brief affair, Frank threatens to expose Alex as the cross-dressing sissy slut he is. The only way for Alex to escape public humiliation is to follow Frank to a seedy hotel, and do exactly as he says.Warning! This story contains graphic depictions of M/M BDSM, hardcore sex, and gender bending excitement. Not recommended for the prudish.---“Alex! It’s me Frank. Long time, no see. You excited for our date tomorrow night?”Alex was horrified.“Frank, how did you get this number?”“It’s Daddy, you shithead! Look, you are going to show up tomorrow night at my place like I asked, or I am going to expose you as what you really are. A cross-dressing sissy slut. You might not have realized it at the time, but I had a camera in the living room and have the whole thing on video, just waiting to be put out on the internet. Now, are you going to show up tomorrow, or am I going to have to release the tape?”Alex’s heart dropped to the pit of his stomach. He had no idea that his dalliance at the farmer’s market would put him in this position. He considered all of his options, but only one of them was acceptable. He put his mouth the receiver.“Yes, Daddy. I’ll be there,” he whispered.