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To Hell in a Handcart Diana Simmonds

To Hell in a Handcart

Diana Simmonds

Published January 1st 1999
ISBN : 9780733610127
224 pages
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 About the Book 

For a book that purports to explore and explain the Australian political and cultural climate, it talks a lot about South Africa, George Bush, Flo-Jo, Ku Klux Klan and Calista Flockhart. It seems we are inexplicable without comparisons being made to anything foreign.There are some witty and astute observations, though the political insights and pre 2000 Olympics very dated now even though it profiles a period only 10 years ago.There are some truly amusing descriptions that capture an essence of who we are. My favorite includes the multi functionality of the Hills Hoist as a childrens cubby house as well as the provider of, draped with fairy lights, a party centerpiece.The cultural cringe factor is mortifyingly high and is almost so outdated as to be irrelevant now, it also has a decided political and class bias. Still if nothing else in emphasizes the changes our nation has undergone and those that frighteningly have barely changed at all.