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A Beautiful Mess Tessa Van Wade

A Beautiful Mess

Tessa Van Wade

Kindle Edition
345 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Nothing seems to be going well for Stevie Hanley as her life continues to sink further into debt. Until a chance meeting with Hollywood director Patrick Firebee and suddenly she is on a fast track of parties, movies, and A-list stars. Gavin Early, her co-star and a man that fame has shadowed for years, brings her along on a vacation to his hometown of Wimberley, Texas to get away from the lights and craze. Neither expect to fall away from the lights and into each others arms. But is it all just a fairy tale? New York, movies, and fame are calling. Can love work under the worlds watching eye when there are demons around every corner waiting to be discovered? Or does love belong in Wimberley?