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Sensor Sweep (Stony Man #84) Jon Guenther

Sensor Sweep (Stony Man #84)

Jon Guenther

Published September 1st 2006
ISBN : 9781599501413
Audio CD
0 pages
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 About the Book 

As the free world stands united against the ruthless onslaught of global terrorism, a covert, action-ready force known only to the President operates behind the scenes, on red alert. A crack cybernetics team works tirelessly assessing and fielding intelligence to the commandos on the hell grounds of a grim, high-stakes war. Stony Mans dedication to the values of freedom and justice remain the core of its efforts to defend and protect.Four freighters, armed with missiles to be launched from mobile systems at four unidentified targets, have left port in South Africa. The payload is a lethal chemical agent and the death toll would be incalculable. For Stony Man, it means the speed, skill and intelligence of its operatives will be pushed to the limits in a race to stop those who wish to see the nocent burn in the fires of fanaticism.