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Petshop of horrors 4 Matsuri Akino

Petshop of horrors 4

Matsuri Akino

Published 2006
ISBN : 9783865803849
180 pages
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 About the Book 

Digital - On firm orders from his chief, Leon reluctantly takes the only witness to a murder, a tropical fish, to Count D in the hopes that the creepy pet shop owner will be able to extract any information. The counts seemingly supernatural ways have always been fishy to Leon, but the detective is going to have to scale back his skepticism if hes going to reel in his man. Dark Horse - Count D falls in love with beauty in all its myriad forms, so when the eyes of a championship horse stir the fires of his aesthetic, he offers the owner things monetary and magical. Unable to part with her thoroughbred, she refuses. But even if Count D cannot have the steed, he still may still be able to profit from it. Dracula - Count D fits the victim profile for a local serial killer, and it falls on Leons shoulders to protect him. Paired with a beautiful FBI agent, Leon believes hes fingered the killer. However, the key to truly solving this case lies in the past. Specifically, Count Ds past. Family secrets will be revealed and skeletons will be exposed in more than one closet before this crucial tale wraps. This volume also contains two Flowers and the Detective side stories. Flowers and the Detective, Part 1 - Count D presents the depressed Orcot with an unusual gift to cheer him up - a rare cactus called a Gattolatto. An exotic plant, indeed, the Gattolatto only blooms once in its lifetime, and when it does, it proves to be a life-altering, and life-saving, event. Flowers and the Detective, Part 2 - When a curious Orcot accidentally spoils Count Ds attempt to breed a rare flower called the Midnight Beauty, D comes up with a clever way to pollinate the plant, with an involuntary assist by the good detective.